Alexandria Ledge Climbers  Snowmobile Club

Alexandria Ledge Climbers
2016 Membership Letter

Welcome to the 2016-17 season, as we all know last year was a bust due to lack of snow we never even opened the trails. However, this is year if the weather men are right we are going to have a great season with lots of snow.

Last year we did do some needed repairs to the Sno-Cat at the beginning of the season. So for this year we are in good shape and just one weekend should get it ready for the upcoming year.

We do have some trail work that needs to get done with limited funds this year so we will need to prioritize the most important projects first.

We've had 4X4’s and ATV’s running on out trails up by four corners and the landowner has cut trees down to try and keep them out, we could be next. Dennis had contacted fish and game and hopefully they will be able to find the people responsible and deal with them.

We were unable to do the trail side cookouts last year due to lack of snow so we will try to do it this year. I will put them in the calendar of events anyone wanting to help please contact me 744-5497.

Bob Armstrong has been doing a great job on the web site and you can now join the club on line, or send the membership form back to me and I will do it for you.

We have the opportunity to work at the grass drags and I am looking for a few volunteers that would like to help we get paid for the club for every hour worked this could be a great fundraiser without any outlay from the club the training dates are Sept 8th @ 6:30pm @ NHSA office in Tilton or Sept 17th @ 9am or 1pm at the grass drags site they also need help before the event to set up and after to take down we also get paid for this no training required Dennis and I will be working this year and will be taking the training at the office on the 8th anyone interested in joining us please call me @ 744-5497.

Some of you probably are aware that I have taken the position as Assistant Grafton County Director and will be giving you updates on the county and the NHSA in the monthly newsletters anyone interested in the county meetings is more than welcome to come and represent the club and find out what we are all about. Meetings are every third Wednesday @ Baker river Club House 630pm.

We have had a couple of new people take the grooming test and hopefully we will be able to use them this year congratulations to Bob Armstrong, Chet Caron and Lance Masi.

If anyone has any questions, Ideas for the Club fundraisers please call me @603-744-5497.

Lucy Ford