Alexandria Ledge Climbers  Snowmobile Club

Alexandria Ledge Climbers
2017-18 Membership Letter

Dear Ledge Climbers,

It’s that time again. Time it think about joining the club getting your sled out of mothballs and doing some grass dragging. Sounds hard to think about it when you’re out on the lake enjoying the dog days of summer? Most of you know that I snowmobile 365 so for me it’s just another day waiting for snow 10 Thursdays from now.

The club has a few irons in the fire that you need to know about.

First, one of our neighboring clubs Pemi Valley snowmobile club has dissolved. This was unfortunately due to lack of participation with their membership. Alexandria Ledge Climbers club, along with the other surrounding clubs, will be taking over most of their trail system. This will be putting added work on our club to keep everything maintained and operating. The Bureau of Trails has decided to transfer the Groomer that Pemi had over to our club due to the fact that our machine would not be able to groom there trails. However, with that comes the need for added man power and funds. Anyone interested in helping in any way please call.

Second, we have 2 big bridge projects coming up and will be looking for help. The dates and times will be posted on the web site

We will also be reviewing our new trails to see what will need to be done.


Luckily our land owner is still willing to work with us to fix the problem if any of you see anything or here about anyone doing this please call me @ 603-744-5497

As a reminder to everyone, Alexandria Ledge Climber trails are for snowmobiles only and they are all posted. If we keep having problems we risk the loss of the trail and consequently the whole system.

This year we will be holding all of our club meetings at GILLY’S Restaurant 322 Lake Street in Bristol. See the
events page for times and dates.

The NHSA on-line membership program will be ending August 13, 2017. For more information about this visit the NHSA website. So what to do? Fill out our membership form and I will mail or email you the voucher just like we have been doing in the past.  Visit our
Membership page for more information. 

We would like to thank all of you for taking the time and joining and supporting the Alexandria Ledge Climbers without you we would not be able to do what we do. Your membership and donations make it all happen.

***Think Snow ***

Lucy Ford

​Posted 8/2/2017